Silent Witness

The Media then features these unsolved cases on a daily basis and reminds the community to call Silent Witness with any information.

The community will call or visit the Silent Witness website to provide information, which is routed to the respective police agency and case agent. The tipster remains anonymous and could earn a cash reward if their information leads to an arrest or indictment in the case.

When citizens provide tips, they are given a case number. They are then advised to contact Silent Witness within certain timeframes if they have more information or want to check the status of their case. Anytime they call, they use their case number — not their name.

Calls are received at the local Silent Witness tip line phone at 480-WITNESS (480-948-6377). This phone is a stand alone instrument which does not provide caller ID, and conversations are not recorded. Text and web tips are just as secure and anonymous because they are received using encryption technology.

Rewards are distributed in a private, anonymous manner to the callers through a third-party.

By guaranteeing a caller`s anonymity, Silent Witness allows the caller to give information in a positive atmosphere without the prospect of retribution. By offering cash rewards for information leading to indictment or arrests, the program encourages otherwise reluctant callers to provide information.